DUO Disposable Toothbrush

The DUO is a new and unique product that allows one to conveniently Brush and Floss on the Go! The DUO is uniquely designed with soft polymer bristles and a flosser to remove food particles between teeth and those hard to reach places such as the tongue and cheeks. Food particles hiding between teeth, the tongue and cheeks are often overlooked in the battle to maintain fresh breath.Over time, these forgotten food particles will decompose or essentially rot, causing odorous gases to develop resulting in bad breath. Keeping these areas free of food particles is one of the most important elements in maintaining a clean mouth and fresh breath.


Mini Toothbrush with Flosser

Brush And Floss on the Go!!

A Freshening Bead is housed in each brush head to provide a burst of great tasting mint solution to keep your teeth white and your breath fresh. Essential mint oil is a primary component of the freshening bead solution that also is very effective in fighting bad breath. Gum and mints provide cover up that only last for short periods and do nothing to kill the germs that causes bad breath.

Features & Benefits

  • Cleans and Whitens Teeth
  • Freshens Breath
  • Cleans Tongue, Cheeks and Gums
  • Requires No Water

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